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Self-Portrait with Dogs

Self Portrait with Dogs

About Me

     I was seduced by literature while hovering in the vicinity of my forties, and photography possessed me about a decade later. I'm self-taught in both. But I learned from formal training in music that the magic, when it happens, has the same essentials in all the arts—harmony, melody, rhythm. Even in stillness, when you listen, there's a heartbeat.

     I thrive on experimenting with a diversity of style and subject matter. Animals have always been a huge part of my life. Unsurprisingly, they often amble into my work. And nature, simply, enraptures. I shoot mainly candid portraits, thriving on that heady anticipation of rounding a bend and unexpectedly discovering gold. Texture—whether in stone, a leaf, water—fascinates me. And I'm enchanted by the mystery of light. My only method is: stay open to everything, seek the edge—the one that makes you feel like you're tangling with a koan—and never lose the spirit of play. If I could conjure a perfect work of art, it would be part J.S. Bach, Emily Dickinson, Stevie Wonder, and Gary Larson.

     I have a B.A. in Music from the University of California at Berkeley. As a writer, my work has been published in literary journals, anthologies, newspapers, and magazines. My photographs have been exhibited in group and solo shows across the United States and in Europe. Several have appeared on book covers, as book illustrations, on posters, and in calendars.

     I live in a part of Northern California that's a mecca for nature photographers, especially one like myself who's drawn to water. We're 50 miles from San Francisco and less than an hour from the stunning Sonoma Coast, the Russian River, and the redwood forest.

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